Why Tractile is the choice for Australian homes

Australia’s harsh environment along with its extreme weather events and diverse climates requires a robust and versatile roofing solution. Tractile is an innovative and award-winning roofing product, which stands on its own when compared to other roofing materials. With the added benefit of integrated solar power and solar hot water, Tractile enables sustainable living without any compromises.

The Tractile difference.

Whether you are replacing a roof or building a new home, Tractile is a compelling comparison to other available roofing materials and brings the future of roofing technology to you today.

FeatureTractile Solar RoofTesla Solar RoofTraditional Metal Roof
(with Solar Panels)
Traditional Tile Roof
(with Solar Panels)
Interlocked, no roof penetrationsNoNoNo
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) integrated in roof tileNoNo
Solar hot water integrated in roof tileNoNoNo
Complete roof
Withstanding extreme weatherNoNoNo
Installation time vs. traditional solar / roofFasterSlowerSlowerSlower
Solar performance vs. traditional PV> 7%-5% to -10%NoNo
Solar capacity per square meter168Wp100Wp150Wp150Wp
Lightweight 200sqm, 5kWp PV3100kg7600kg3400kg7400kg
Minimum roof pitch for standard install10 degrees15 degrees5 degrees15 degrees
Design and aestheticsExcellentGoodVisible solar panelsVisible solar panels

Less visible and more efficient than solar panels

Tractile’s integrated solar tiles are rated up to 55% efficient (per square metre) in converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity. This is up to 3 times more efficient than regular solar panels.

Solar panels lose efficiency when they heat up. Beside from using superior solar technology, Tractile solar tiles have integrated water channels to cool the solar cells gaining extra efficiency. This also supplies solar heated water for use in the home.

To enable Tractile’s thermal properties requires the addition of a heat exchanger, yet Tractile solar tiles are more efficient than solar panels even if water is not used in the system.

Stronger than concrete tiles and metal roofing.

Our hammer test compares the impact resistance of Tractile when compared with concrete tiles or metal roofing. Hailstones and golf balls are no match for Tractile.

Concrete tiles
Metal roofing

Tractile outperforming traditional roofing options.

When comparing concrete tiles and metal roofing, the Tractile composite tile is far superior when measured across the following roof performance criteria.

Impact Resistance

Tractile is rated for ‘H8 destructive’ which relates to hailstones from 60-90mm. This far outweighs concrete and metal roofing which typically is only rated to H4.

This also means Tractile will resist damage from golf balls and is suitable if you live within firing range of a golf course.

Cyclone Rating (wind speeds)

Tractile is rated for withstanding Category 5 cyclones. It can withstand winds up to 280 kph. The unique hook and batten system interlocks each tile securing them to your roofing structure.


Tractile weighs only 30 kilograms per square metre. This is equal to metal roofing (when you consider solar panels).

Point Loading

Tractile can withstand a point loading of 350 kilograms. This is equal to two tradespeople and their toolboxes on one tile. Far superior to metal or concrete roofing.

Sustainability of manufacture

Sustainability is embodied in the Tractile ethos. Tractile is proud to only use 25kg of CO2 per square metre to manufacture our tiles. This is significantly less than other roofing options. 


The Tractile roof tiles contain natural insulation with an R-value of 0.05, while the Tractile Eclipse solar tile provides seven times greater insulation than concrete tiles with an R-value of 2.00.

Sustainability and Security Guaranteed

30 year warranty

We provide a 30 year guarantee that Tractile will remain durable. The product has a lifespan of 50 years.

Secure roof tiles

Interlocking system prevents tiles from being lifted externally by thieves, possums and rodents


Generates 4.5 times less CO2 during manufacture than concrete or steel roofing

Our popular roofing packages.

With Tractile you can create a fully customisable solution for your home considering your current and future energy needs. While every roof is different, many people opt for one of our base packages, each with their own optional extras and upgrades.

Tractile Roof

Pure Australian Durability

A Tractile premium quality roof designed and built for Australian conditions.


What's included

Tractile Solar


An integrated solar roof generating electricity to power an average 4 person home.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Plus


Solar energy production with electrical energy storage to power the home or electric vehicles day and night.


What's included

* Number of tiles estimated based on optimal solar performance.

Tractile Solar Ultimate

10kWp – 20kWp

Generate and store both electrical and thermal energy (heated water) to sustainably power and heat a large home, including pools, spas and floor heating.


What's included

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