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Tractile Specifications

Tractile solar roof tiles are designed to integrate with the Tractile roof tile range as part of a complete roofing solution to provide a strong, high performance roof that harvests solar energy for your home.

Tile specs

Tractile Roof Tile

Tractile Solar Roof Tile

Tractile Solar Tile with built in heated water channels.

Roofing Components

Tractile Ridge Tile

Ridge tilE

Tractile Ridge End Cap

Ridge End Cap

Tractile Hip Tile

Hip Tile

Tractile Barge End Cap

Barge End cap

Tractile Barge Tiles

Barge Tiles

Tractile Roof Batten


Australian Standard Certifications

Australian Standard
AC 1170.0Structural design actions – General principles
AC 1170.1Structural design actions - Permanent, imposed and other actions
AC 1170.2Structural design actions - Wind actions
AC 1170.3Structural design actions - Snow and ice actions
AS 4055-2006Wind loads for housing
AS 4100Steel Structures
AS/NZS 4600Cold-formed steel structures
AS 1562.1Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding - Metal
AS 4256.3-2006Plastic roof and wall cladding - glass fibre reinforced polyester
AS 2049-2002 (R2015)Roof tiles
AS 2050-2002/Amdt 2012Installation of roof tiles
NCC 2015National Construction Code series

Solar PV specs

System Sizing

Tractile Eclipse capacity in kWp Number of Eclipse tilesEclipse roof area in m2Yearly PV output in kWhYearly HW output in kWhTotal kWh/year

Photovoltaic Cells

100W Frameless PV Module (TRC1000D)
Panel DimensionsH 1040 mm L 574 mm W 5 mm
Front Cover3.2mm tempered glass
Back CoverTedlar / Kynar backsheet (black or white)
Cable length600 mm x 2 (cross sectional area 4 mm2)
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)45+/-2°C
Temperature CoefficientPmax: -0.42 %/K, Voc: -0.30 %/K, Isc: 0.04 %/K
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +80°C
Electrical Tolerance-0%~ +10%
Maximum power (Pmp)100W
Short Circuit Current (Isc)3.89A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)34.22V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)3.64A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)27.5V
Maximum System Operating Voltage1000V
Application ClassA
Series Fuse Rating9A
CertificationISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, IEC 61215, IEC 61730 TÜV certified
Performance Warranty90% of power output for 10 years and 80% for 25 years

Solar PV performance to roofing area

A Tractile roof can made up of solar and non-solar tiles based on your energy needs. This table helps determine the space required to allocate to solar tiles based on how much energy you need to create.


48 Solar tiles

29 sqm


64 Solar tiles

38 sqm


80 Solar tiles

48 sqm


96 Solar tiles

57 sqm


120 Solar tiles

71 sqm


150 Solar tiles

89 SQM


180 Solar tiles

107 SQM


200 Solar tiles

114 SQM

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