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Tractile featured in Building Connection Magazine’s expose on solar roof tiles

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Solar roof tiles are set to revolutionise roofing systems, as the benefits of integrated multi-functionality outweigh the clumsiness of ‘bolt on’ solar panels. John Power reports.

A Brutal Truth

In order to understand the new category of solar roof tiles, we must first admit a brutal truth: in our haste to embrace the virtues of solar power, the building industry has been slow to criticise the clumsiness of solar panels.

Conventional rooftop solar panels are a classic example of ‘bolt-on’ mass-market technology, having been commercialised as accessories for homes of all ages and styles.

To their credit, when considered as add-on devices affixed to existing homes, solar panels have been intrinsic to a worldwide cultural shift towards sustainable energy.

But does it make sense to use the same ‘bolt-on’ technology on new dwellings?

A few lateral thinkers say ‘Absolutely not! Solar roof tiles present a new world of opportunities.’

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