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Replacing Metal Roofs with a Stronger Alternative

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Our Tractile products are extremely strong. They do not corrode, dent or break, unlike concrete, metal and steel roofing. They also score exceptionally well on strength testing and environmental specifications.

The innovative Tractile roofing products are made from composite materials with superior performance attributes. Its interlocking design means that it is engineered to withstand wind speeds of over 300km per hour (Category 5 Tropical Cyclones 280 km/h)

Tractile is also engineered to withstand loads between battens in excess of 250kg (Two large men standing on the roof) By comparison other roofing materials break or deform at 60kg-100kg.

Tractile also has high impact resistance. All Tractile products are rated for impacts of 100 Joules. A 100 Joules impact is equal to being hit with a 68 millimetre hailstones (a tennis ball has diameter of 67mm), or hitting the tile with a 1kilogram hammer at 14meter per second (normal speed for a 1 kg hammer to hit objects is 8 to 12m/s). Check out our upcoming video for a comparison between the different roofing products available on the market to see how well Tractile performs compared with the competition.

Another big advantage the products have is that they are extremely light. One (1) Tractile Roof Tile is six (6) times larger than a concrete tile, and weights 8kg while a single concrete tile weighs up to 5kg. This means the weight of a Tractile roof is 12kg per square metre while it is a massive 40-50kg per square metre for concrete roof tiles.

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