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A self-powered beach house

Ian and Maureen wanted a self-powered beach house without compromising on design or luxury. Tractile stepped up.
Tractile Roof on Pool House in Marino South Australia

Could a pool house power not only this South Australian beach house but also heat the clifftop infinity pool and spa bath? Ian and Maureen from Merino in South Australia were certainly keen to find out.

Together with local architect Grant Lucas, this exquisitely designed pool house was built on a vacant lot next door. The entire roof of the pool house was constructed with Tractile Eclipse solar roof tiles. These not only provide the 20kWp energy needs for the home, they also produce 1400 litres of heated water per day.

We needed a 20kWp system that would also produce 1400 litres of heated water per day.

The design has harnessed the full genius of the Tractile roofing system. By heating water in the solar tiles, this also keeps the solar PV cells cool, meaning the system is more efficient, generating 15% more energy than if they were to run uncooled. As a by product, the hot water is used in the home, in the pool and in the underfloor heating.

Together with SolaX Triple battery storage system, Ian and Maureen’s beach house is completely energy self-sufficient.

Working together with their architect and local builder Alan Sheppard Constructions, this project is a true showcase of how the next generation of building integrated photovoltaic materials can be both sustainable and deliver an amazing aesthetic. It’s not just a pool house it’s a powerhouse.

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