Developed in Australia, the highly awarded Tractile Roofing system can be used on residential and commercial projects and has been designed with a focus on aesthetics, performance, ease of installation, and sustainability.

Tractile offers a light-weight, high-strength, high-performance, integrated solar PV and solar thermal complementary roofing components designed to cover various functional and aesthetic aspects of pitched roof construction.

Increased Performance

  • Super strong won’t break or shatter
  • Very lightweight (25% the weight of concrete tiles)
  • Withstands hurricane and cyclone conditions
  • Hail proof
  • Increased insulation properties
  • Water resistant
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Variety of tile dimensions
  • Variety of profiles
  • Surface finishes
  • Wide range of colours
  • Up to 50 year lifespan






Tractile guarantees that our Tractile Eclipse roof tile will remain durable for 30 years.


During the life of the guarantee, your tiles:

  • Will not become porous and leak
  • Will not crack, split or corrode due to defective manufacture
  • Will not be affected by salt air or frost


If your Tractile products fails to meet any of these performance standards, Tractile will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defective tiles, or supply equivalent tiles for replacement or substitution.


The guarantee does not cover matters beyond our control such as:

  • Where the installation of your Tractile product has been performed by others and does not comply with Tractile installation specifications. This is to be resolved with the installer.
  • Any damage caused to your tiles by any object coming into contact with your tiles, people walking on the roof, air pollution, acts of nature, or by the tiles being treated with the wrong chemicals, cleaners or coatings or process.

The guarantee excludes all other warranties and liability for damage or loss in connection with defects in your Tractile roof apart from those imposed by law (including the Australian Trade Practices Act).