Reduced Costs – fast installation, fewer building materials, no repair or replacement costs, less labour required (90% saving), reduced level of skill required, reduced risk of personal injury, reduced transportation costs, zero wastage through transport damage, and standard work tools can be used

Ability to generate higher energy yields compared to conventional solar products

Modern, seamless aesthetic styling compared with conventional roofs retrofitted with solar panels

Superior Weatherproofing- No wind, dust, or water can penetrate the roof.

Ability to withstand 300 km/h winds in cyclonic conditions and its ability to withstand hail damage. It is also water resistant, preventing frost damage, snow, moss & mould build up.

Ability to withstand harsh & corrosive environments better than conventional roofing materials- minimal repair or replacement costs.

Increased insulation properties for hot and cold climates

Superior strength- capable of handling weighted loads up to 250kg & will withstand direct impact from flying debris & wont break of shatter

Fewer building materials required, including fewer roof trusses, batons, screws or nails, & no mortar or sarking required

Reduced transportation costs & zero wastage through transit damage

Skylights can be installed by inserting clear tiles

Tiles can be easily cut on site



Cyclone and Storm Safety

Tractile roof tiles fitted on our interlocking battens are rated for wind speeds of 300 kilometre per hour. To put that into context, a Category 5 cyclone has wind speeds of 280km/hr.


As a comparison, both traditional concrete roof tiles and metal sheeting are rated for 225km/hr winds only after modified installations.


Hail Damage

Tractile roof tiles are rated for impacts of up to 100 Joules. A 100 Joules impact is equal to being hit with a 68 millimetre hailstones (a tennis ball has a diameter of 67mm), or hitting the tile with a 1 kilogram hammer at 14 meter per second (normal speed for a 1 kg hammer to hit objects is 8 to 12 m/s).


In contrast, a 100 Joule impact will break traditional roof tiles and deform steel roofing sheets.



Tractile has a BAL-40 fire rating. After direct flame zone (BAL-FZ) rating, the BAL‐40 rating is the next highest assessed level. A BAL‐40 rating for Tractile means no embers can penetrate the roof and the roof can withstand heat radiance of 40kW per square metre.



The Tractile roof is Interlocked with our unique mounting system. This systems makes its very hard for pests (both the human and non-human variety) to penetrate the roof via the roof tiles.