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Trac Group Holdings Ltd is an innovative Australian company owning an intellectual property portfolio comprising various patents, trademarks, know-how, and market knowledge.


Funded by shareholders the Company has invested $3 million over 8 years of research and product development and 1 year of test marketing, and our expertise, developed over this extended period of time, covers all aspects of the technology, materials, manufacturing processes, and knowledge of roofing and renewable energy markets.


Tractile offers a unique patented roofing solution that integrates high performance composite materials with solar photo voltaic-thermal technologies (RIPV-T) to meet the growing worldwide demand for sustainable and energy efficient solutions to building.


As a manufacturer and distributor currently operating in Australia and Malaysia the company plans to expand internationally. Worldwide there are 532 cities with a population of 1 million people or more, of which more 283 are located within the current patent countries.


The Company’s vision statement is: “To market technology, construction systems, and related building products globally both directly and through a network of associated companies generating profitable returns to shareholders through product sales, licensing, royalties, sale of technology, and joint venture investments.”


Tractile represents an innovative company and emerging international brand.


Track Record


• Two Patents filed and/or granted


• Case study product of Embedded Energy Project funded by Queensland Government


• Funding of $240,000 from Ergon Energy (Australian Electricity Network provider)


• Commercialisation Australia grant of $236,640 from Australian Commonwealth Government


• Presentation at IGEM 2011 Kuala Lumpur to Malaysian Prime Minister


• Winner of JEC ASIA 2012 Award for Innovation in Energy


• Winner Queensland Premier’s Sustainability Award for Innovation in Sustainable Technologies


• Winner Australian International Design Awards 2013 – Major Award for Sustainability


• Winner Australian International Design Awards 2013 – Best of Category Hardware and Building


• Recognised internationally as a leader in both composite materials design and Roof Integrated Photo-Voltaic Thermal (RIPV-T)