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Your roof goes on top of your house. With a Tractile roof, that’s the only rule. With almost no limit on roof angle (Tractile roofs can be as shallow as 5 degrees and include sections at 90 degrees), the only constraints your have are the laws of physics and geometry, and your own imagination.

Match your roof to your walls. Match your roof to your fence. Match it to the natural surroundings of your home. Mix and match colours, textures and materials with only one consideration: what you want your roof to look like.



Far from the simple ridge saddles (the bits that poke up in the middle of the roof) and filials (the flashy finishes at the apex or edges of a roof) that are the ornamental staple of traditional roofs, there is no real limit to what you can do with a Tractile roof.

Design flourishes and finishes to your liking; make them visual treats, practical treasures or a combination; and remember that they can all be incorporated into a Tractile roof using the secure and easy Tractile Interlocking Building System.

The concrete and terracotta of traditional roofs can crack and chip if made too thin. Intricate details are just not possible with these outdated materials.

The Tractile System’s modern approach allows modern materials. You can still have a traditional style of roof, but now you can have one cheaper and stronger that lasts longer.

Tractile Hip-And-Valley Roof

Tractile Butterfly Roof

Tractile Skillion And Lean-to Roof

Tractile Open Gable Roof

Tractile Open Gable With Dorm Roof

Tractile Mansard Roof

Tractile Gambrel Roof

Tractile Gazebo Roof


These windows bring extra light into the home. Traditional skylights needed to be fairly small, so as not to undermine the strength of the roof.

If you have a Tractile roof, as far as the outside of the roof is concerned, all you have to do is replace an existing tile with a clear tile. And you can replace as many tiles as you want to create as large a skylight as you want. You could have an entire room lit by natural light during the day and looking out to the starry sky at night.

Of course, you might need to talk to your electrician about where you are going to put the wires that normally run through your roof.



A roof isn’t just made up of the main roofing tiles. You also need to choose the various joining and finishing pieces for the edges and peak of your roof.

Starters, barges, ridges and gutters are just some of the tile pieces you may need to complete your Tractile roof.

All of these roofing pieces fit as part of your roof with the Tractile Interlocking Building System and come in the same colours, styles, finishes and materials as the main tiles.

Because these pieces are part of the Tractile System, you can be sure the joins are strong and protect against water ingress, but remain flexible enough to accommodate the natural settling process that all roofs go through over about the first seven years of life.