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The Tractile Interlocking Roof System


The Tractile Interlocking Roof System is a new combination of materials and system technology providing high performance and cost effective roof tile and wall panel solutions. Tractile has been designed to be utilised across all segments of the Building and Construction industry from residential to industrial, focusing on being fast and easy to install.


Leaving aside freak storm conditions, the main battle fought by traditional tiles against the weather is that of stopping water penetrating the roof. In most cases, heavy terracotta or concrete tiles perform this task admirably; except when it comes to stopping water flowing down the roof from being blown up between the tiles.


Traditional tiles need a steep roof angle (pitch or rake) to hasten the flow of water due to gravity and therefore to limit the chance the water has to blow up between the tiles and into the roof.


Roofs built utilizing the Tractile Interlocking Building System do not have this problem because the connection between tiles acts as a barrier to any wind assisted water incursion.


The wind and water challenge limits the shallowness of the roof angle of a traditional roof and can force a home builder or owner to use channels or sarking to limit the ingress of water.


With the Tractile System, stopping water getting in under tiles is no longer a problem. The pitch of a Tractile roof and the shape of the tiles is now completely a matter of looks and taste and with modern materials and innovation, that’s really the way it should be.


Many homeowners add functional accessories like skylights, RIPV-T, dormer windows, vents, etc after the initial construction of the roof.


Traditionally, this meant removing tiles, adding the accessory and then filling in the gaps in an ad-hoc manner with various filler compounds.


The Tractile Interlocking Building System allows you to add a roofing accessory as part of a Tractile tile. So all you need to do is unhook the original tile, slide it out and then insert for instance Tractile Solar Eclipse roof tile.


The new tiles slides and locks into place, leaving no gap in the structural integrity of the roof.

Tractile Solar RIPV-T Roof Tile Technology

Residential roof mounted solar panels can be considered an eyesore affecting property values. Tractile Solar offers a building integrated design that fits the form of the existing roof, at a price below the competition. The system is also more efficient in generating both electricity and hot water from the same area of roof reducing household energy bills.


As our world changes and we become more aware of our individual influence on the environment, alternative energies are becoming a very important part of our way of life.


The unique properties of Tractile Solar allow your roof to help you harness the power of the sun. Tractile Solar will simply power your household appliances and even return energy to the grid for rebates to your general electricity bill.