When Elaine from Merewether needed to re-roof her family home, she had to make sure it would withstand the impact of 300kmh golf balls, which is why a Tractile roof was the perfect choice.

Living right next to a golf course left Elaine with more than a few heavy thuds on the top of her home from wayward golf balls flying perilously over her back fence, instead of to the hole at the end of the fairway.


“Two to three times a week, my house is hit by golf balls,” says Elaine.


“Each time the roof is damaged, the golf course sends someone out to fix it with spare tiles, but my roof has been leaking for 20 years.”

When considering materials to reroof her home, she wanted a tiled product that is appealing to the eye, accommodates the low pitch (15˚) of her roof and stands up to the impact of golf balls.


“Many people are replacing their roof with colorbond, but I don’t think colorbond goes with my brick house,” says Elaine.


“I wanted to replace my roof for a long time but I had to wait for technology to catch up.”


This is why Tractile was the perfect choice for Elaine.


Her existing roof was eroding with fretting; a condition common for terracotta tiles in Sydney, Newcastle and coastal areas which causes them to disintegrate when touched.


Made from fibreglass, resin and fire retardant, Tractile Eclipse Roof Tiles are lightweight, extremely durable and non-corrosive. They will never suffer from fretting or deterioration experienced by other roofing materials.

Key Elements of Tractile Eclipse Roof Tiles

  • Withstand hailstones up to 60mm

  • Accommodates roof pitch as low as 10˚ 

  • Lightweight

  • Fire zone: BAL-40

  • Cyclone Category 5 rated (280km/h winds)

  • Slate-like designer aesthetic

  • Non-corrosive – perfect for coastal conditions

Tractile’s installation partners, Combined Roofing, ensured the removal and disposal of the existing roof and installation of the Tractile Eclipse Roof went smoothly.


“I can’t imagine they could have installed the roof any quicker,” says Elaine.


As for appreciation of her Tractile roof, Elaine says, “everyone thinks my roof looks wonderful”.


  • If you are looking for a roofing material that is:

    • Strong

    • Durable

    •  Non-corrosive

    • Maximum street appeal

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