Comfort ~ Style ~ Sustainability


This two bedroom pool house is designed to capture and compliment Marino’s spectacular ocean views.


Tractile’s stunning 20kWp floating solar roof harvests the sun’s energy for maximum electricity and hot water generation, without compromising design.

The owners of this gorgeous holiday home love entertaining.


When they decided to create a two bedroom pool house to surround their infinity pool and spa on the block of land next to their home, they were very specific in their requirements:


Create maximum comfort and style for their addition using 100% renewable resources.


They engaged architect Grant Lucas to design the contemporary two-bedroom pool house to capture the views of the pool, sea and sky.


Grant wanted to push the boundaries and designed this space with lounge and kitchen that opened up with bi-fold doors to the pool area and expansive ocean views.

Next came the choice of the roof and how to sustainably provide power to heat the stunning infinity pool and spa, both of which require a lot of energy.


Tractile’s Eclipse Solar Roof which seamlessly integrates electricity, hot water and tiles into the roof design was the perfect choice.


Tractile designed a custom 20kWp system for Ian and Maureen, covering the entire 120sqm upper roof section.


The electrical design incorporated four interconnected 5kWp systems using two SolaX hybrid, battery ready inverters.


This system typically produces more than 100kWh of electricity per day (the average family uses 20kWh-40kWh) and can charge the 18.9kWh SolaX Triple Power battery storage system in one hour.


The water channels which run through the solar tiles serve a dual purpose, which suits this project perfectly.


Primarily, the water cools the PV cells, increasing electricity generation by up to 15% compared with other solar systems, which is particularity useful during the heat waves South Australia is known to experience during summer.


As a by-product, this 20kWp system generates approximately 1400 litres of pre-heated hot water per day, which is boosted for domestic hot water, pool heating and in-floor hydronic heating.


A 500 litre Rotex heat exchange tank stores the heat captured from the water on the roof and boosts the water to the required temperatures through three separate coils for hot water, pool and floor heating. The Rotex tank also has a 14.4kw element for back up heating.

The owners’ foresight and commitment to style and luxury with sustainability showcases how a Tractile integrated solar roof can be used to it’s greatest capacity.


Pulling into their driveway, with the Southern Ocean providing a stunning backdrop, the owners and their guests are greeted by the forefront in roofing and power generating technology, encased in a seamless, sleek and modern roof design.


While they soak in the sunset, enjoying champagne and canapés in their heated infinity pool and spa, their roof has quietly done all the work during the day, and has passed the baton to its battery and thermal store tank support crew sitting snugly in the garage below.


Builder: Alan Sheppard Constructions

About Tractile Eclipse Solar Tiles

  • Solar Cells rate at 20.2% efficiency (industry average16%-18%)
  • Generate Solar PV AND Hot water
  • Slate-like designer aesthetic
  • Fit seamlessly with Tractile Eclipse Roof Tiles to create the entire roof
  • Cyclone Category 5 rated (280km/h winds)
  • Non-corrosive – perfect for coastal conditions
  • Accommodates roof pitch as low as 10˚ 


  • If you are looking for a SOLAR ROOF that

    • Generates MAXIMUM electricity (7-12% greater efficiency)

    • Includes HOT WATER

    •  Non-corrosive 

    • Maximum street appeal

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