Lightweight roof tiles

Tractile roof tiles are very lightweight when compared to traditional roof tiles and compare favourably to metal sheeting.  The Tractile raw material is a special formulated composite of fibreglass, fire retardant and resins. The raw material is moulded though a compression moulding technique. Composite materials and compressing moulding techniques are widely used in the car and truck manufacturing industries.


Traditional concrete roof tiles weigh between 35-60kg per square metre, depending on the style and the profile of the roof tiles chosen. Steel roof sheeting weighs 5kg per square metre for the 0.4mm thick sheeting and 11kg per square metre for the tougher 0.9mm thick sheeting. Tractile roof tiles weigh 10kg per square metre.


This means that using Tractile roof tiles for your project will mean:

  1. Lower roof mass allows for less engineering
  2. Less weight allows for easier installation
  3. Lower weight allows for easier transport

The lightweight Eclipse roof tile carries a maximum load rating of 250kg, much greater than traditional roofing  products