Future Proof

The world is changing. Electricity prices are climbing, and the frequency and intensity of natural events appears to be increasing. A Tractile roof can help protect you against rising energy prices and keep you safe from climate change.


Energy Prices

The returns from investing in a Tractile Solar Roof comprise both quantitative and qualitative returns. Quantitative returns are most directly impacted by factors including: system size and cost, rebates and incentives, financing terms, and cost of alternate energy. Qualitative returns deliver value, such as: energy independence and being able to live off-grid, enjoyment of the look and feel of the home, less maintenance, and future resale value. Good design will maximise the financial returns.

As a guide, for a typical house the savings on energy costs alone provide payback periods of: 5-7 years for residential properties generating power for domestic consumption (no feedback to grid); and 3-4 years for residential properties generating power for domestic consumption and charging an electric car.

After the payback period is complete the Tractile Solar Roof provides free energy.


Safety from storms, cyclones, hail and fire

Tractile is designed for strength and its hook & batten system can withstand category 5 cyclones (wind speeds over 280 km/hour).

The non-solar tiles can withstand 65mm hailstones (tennis-ball sized). The Eclipse solar PV glass can withstand 30mm hailstones, equal to conventional solar PV panels.

Tractile also has the highest bushfire rating for residential buildings. It carries a  BAL-40 certification. This makes Tractile the roof solution for buildings in bushfire prone areas.