FAQs: Tractile Roof Tiles

What is a typical Tractile roof?

A typical house in Australia will require approximately 250 square metres of roofing, including a 5kWp solar PV system for electricity covering 30 square metres, and solar pool heating covering 20 square metres.To meet these needs the following Tractile roofing products will be used:

  • 50 Eclipse Solar tiles (5kWp), weighting 32 kg/sqm, to clad 30 sqm roof and will generate on average 20kWh of electricity and 350 liters of pre-heated hot water per day.
  •  42 Eclipse Thermo tiles, weighing 32 kg/sqm, to clad 25 sqm roof, and will generate on average 300 liters of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius hot water per day. 330 Eclipse roof tiles, weighing 12 kg per sqm, to cover 195 sqm roof area.
  • Various other Tractile Eclipse roof components like Tractile battens, Eclipse ridge, hip and barge tiles, and end-caps.


What is the price of a Tractile roof?

Pricing depends on a range of factors, such as: roof design, roofing pitch, roof area, order volume, type of tile ordered, size of PV system, and project location. Typically Tractile costs more upfront than traditional roofing materials, adding 1%-4% to the overall cost of a typical project, but delivers long term value through performance and increased street appeal.


What warranty do I get with Tractile?

Tractile provides a 30-year product warranty.


What roof pitch does Tractile recommend?

Tractile can be installed from 3 degrees to 90 degrees. The key drivers for selecting a roof pitch are a combination of aesthetic and functional needs and each project is different.

High-pitch roofs are best for water drainage and removing debris. Low-pitch roofs require less square metres of tiles, but water drainage and solar performance are negatively affected, especially below 10 degrees. In Australia the best roof pitch for solar performance ranges between 20 degrees to 30 degrees depending upon latitude. As Tractile roofs integrate solar we recommend a roof pitch of 22.5 degrees.


Can Tractile be installed in high wind areas?

Yes. Tractile is designed for strength and its hook and batten system can withstand Category 5 Cyclones (wind speeds over 280 km/hour).


Can Tractile be installed in bushfire areas?

Yes. Tractile has BAL-40 certification. This is the highest rating for residential buildings in bushfire prone areas.


Can Tractile be installed in coastal areas?

Yes. Tractile is made from composite materials that are resistant to corrosion from salt water.


Can Tractile withstand hail stones?

Yes. Tractile is designed for strength. The non-solar tiles can withstand 65mm hailstones. The Eclipse solar PV glass can withstand 30mm hailstones.


Why is a Tractile roof different?

Tractile uses modern materials and technologies to provide a better functioning roof.


What are the functional benefits of a Tractile roof?

  1. It is a high-performance roofing system;
  2. Installation is fast and easy;
  3. Lightweight construction;
  4. Low maintenance;
  5. Solar power for electricity and heated water; and
  6. Connect to battery energy storage systems


Can a Tractile roof be walked on?

Yes. Tractile can safely withstand point loads of 250kg, which is equivalent to two people with tools.


Can thieves enter my house by lifting tiles on a Tractile roof?

No. Tractile is a secure roofing system with tiles held down by the ‘hook and batten’ fixing system. This means the system makes it hard for pests (both human and non-human) to penetrate the roof via the roof tiles.


Can Tractile parts be cut or drilled onsite?

Yes. Tractile parts can be cut and drilled with standard tools as required.


Can a Tractile roof be used to collect rain water for safe drinking?

Yes. The composite material is safe for drinking water collection. We work with Dulux Paints who provide several non-toxic paint systems that are safe for rainwater collection.


Can skylights be used with a Tractile roof?

Yes. Several options are provided to include skylights: Small skylights less than 400mm can be installed directly by cutting through Tractile and fitting between battens. Large skylights greater than 400mm are installed as per supplier instructions and Tractile parts are cut to fit around the skylight with flashings used to waterproof. Custom Tractile skylights can be ordered as a modification of solar tile parts.


How can I quickly estimate roof areas from plans?
The total roof area will comprise the covered floor area plus eaves. Increasing the pitch of the roof will increase the square metres of the roof:

  • 10° pitch increases the roof area from the plan area by 1.5%
  • 20° pitch increases the roof area from the plan area by 6%
  • 24° pitch increases the roof area from the plan area by 10%
  • 30° pitch increases the roof area from the plan area by 16%


What maintenance does a Tractile roof require?

Maintenance is kept to a minimum. A Tractile roof is resistant to corrosion from salt spray and air pollution.


Can a Tractile part be damaged and if so how can it be replaced?

It is extremely unlikely that a Tractile part will be damaged. If damage occurs the part can be replaced. Remove the end tile of a row and slide out neighbouring iles to access the damaged part, remove and replace it, then return all tiles back to position.


Where is the Tractile roof made?

Tractile products are made in our manufacturing facility in Malaysia.


What are Tractile lead times for delivery?

Delivery time is confirmed when an order is placed. Typical lead time is between 4 to 12 weeks depending upon the order volume.


How is Tractile transported from factory to site?

Tractile is packed in boxes on pallets and shipped in containers to be delivered to site by truck. A single pallet will hold up to 37 square metres. A 20 foot shipping container will hold up to 300 square metres. A 40 foot shipping container will hold up to 700 square metres.


What are Tractile installation times?

The typical installation time of a Tractile roof is faster than traditional roofs due to the lightweight, large format tile. Indicatively a project to install a new roof of 200 square meters on a single storey structure will be completed in 2-3 days by a skilled three person crew.


What is the weight of a Tractile roof?

The weight of a Tractile roof depends on the number and type of tiles being used. Tractile Eclipse roof tiles weight 12kg per square metre. In comparison metal sheet roofing weighs 10kg per square metre and concrete tiles weigh 40kg per square metre.