Energy Independence

Tractile roof tiles provide the opportunity for property owners to have complete energy independence.

An average four-person family in Australia uses between 15kWh to 25kWh of electricity per day.

A 100% match between electricity consumption and solar electricity generation is achieved when electricity consumption perfectly follows solar electricity generation. To operate “off the grid” will  normally require the addition of battery storage because the solar roof tiles do not generate electricity during the night.

The actual performance of solar PV systems depends on the property’s location, orientation, weather conditions and solar irradiance.  However, as a guide, a typical house in Australia will require approximately 250 square metres of roofing.

To achieve energy independence, the house would need a 5kWp solar PV system for electricity covering 30 square metres, that also produces pre-heated hot water.

To meet these needs the following Tractile roofing products will be used:

50 Eclipse Solar tiles (5kWp), weighing 32kg/sqm, to clad 30sqm roof and will generate on average 20kWh of electricity and 350 litres of pre-heated hot water per day

370 Eclipse roof tiles, weighing 12kg per sqm, to cover 220sqm roof area

Eclipse Ridge Tile

Various other Tractile Eclipse roof components like Tractile battens, Eclipse ridge, hip and barge tiles, and end-caps.