Tractile is a 4-in-1 combination of roof tiles, insulation, electricity and heated water in one seamlessly integrated package designed to save you money. Tractile solar roofing is far superior to traditional roofing products in terms of design, performance, energy and sustainability.

Tractile Triumphs in Dubai

  • Tractile’s leading-edge solar PV and thermal integrated roof helped Team UOW’s Desert Rose House place second in the prestigious Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.

  • Watch the video as Team UOW explain the benefits of Tractile’s Building Integrated Photovotaics.


  • Sleek, low profile design aesthetic

  • Accommodates pitches between 10 and 90 degrees

  • Seamless integration between Tractile Eclipse Solar tiles and Tractile Eclipse Roof tiles

  • Solar roofing never looked so good



  • Solar PV with integrated hot water for 7-12% increased solar performance.

  • BAL (40) and cyclone category 5 rated.

  • Receive up to 1000 free hot showers per year.

Has hail destroyed your roof?

  • Hail Stones up to 60mm won’t break a Tractile roof 

  • BAL-40 and withstanding winds up to 280 km/h, Tractile is designed for the harsh Australian elements

  • Our sleek, slate like aesthetic also comes in any colour

  • See Tractile v other roofing materials in the Hammer Test Video

  • Contact us to discover how replacing your roof with Tractile can keep your home safe… and in style.

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