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System and Technology

Worlds first integrated solar roof tile solution generating both electricity and hot water from a single unit. Combines photovoltaic solar cells with thermal hot water in a common platform…




Tractile Roof system is made of modern, lightweight materials (composite). It uses a hook located on the underside of the tile designed to interlock with the roof battens.




Every now & then a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry. When it comes to roofing that product is Tractile.





Tractile provides an innovative combination of interlocking systems,
high performance composite materials,
and solar technology.




In simple terms Tractile provides a 4-in-1 combination of Roof Tile,
Insulation, Electricity and Hot Water in a very
architecturally appealing package.


Fade Resistant

Break Resistant

Dent & Corrosion Proof

30 Year Warranty

Tractile out performs standard roofing systems,
maintaining integrity against larger than 90mm hailstones!


The Roof Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (RIPV-T) system is an exciting new technology which merges photovoltaic (PV) and thermal systems, simultaneously providing both electric and thermal energy. Through this combination, the system also achieves significantly increased electrical performance in hot conditions, due to the thermal energy generation cooling the PV cells. In this way, more energy is generated per unit surface area when compared to separate photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collector’s side-by-side.

Traditional PV systems turn an average of 10 to 20% of the sunlight into electricity. The remainder (80 to 90%) is lost as heat. Also, as PV cells heat up in warm or hot conditions, their performance is reduced.

Excess electricity produced by the Tractile Solar System is sold back to the energy grid via a Feed-in-Tariff.

BIPV-T integrates four key
elements into one product:


Roof system

Photovoltaic cells

Solar thermal collector




Because of its integration, the RIPV-T system leads to substantial savings, replacing conventional building materials and is easy to install reducing installation costs. RIPV-T solution was created with the design of houses and commercial building in mind, and seamlessly joins with metal roofing.

Benefits of RIPV-T:


Significantly increased electrical performance, due to the thermal energy generation retracting heat from the PV cells

Medium temperature water heating or cost effective water pre-heating

Faster payback than traditional systems

A more aesthetically pleasing building integrated alternative to side-by-side solar water heating and PV modules

The product is easier and less expensive to install compared to side-by-side modules

Excellent value for money compared to side-by-side PV and SWH modules

Low/no maintenance required


Tractile offers a unique patented roofing solution that integrates high performance composite materials with solar photo voltaic-thermal technologies (RIPV-T) to meet the growing worldwide demand for sustainable and energy efficient solutions to building.

Clean Power with no greenhouse emissions

Reduce your running cost & power bills

Minimal maintenance required

Very long lifespan - up to 50 years

Doing your bit for the environment


Tractile participated as a case study in the Queensland Government’s Embedded Energy of Composites Project. The findings from this project show that Tractile,made from high-strength and light-weight composite materials, out-performed both concrete tiles and metal roof sheet roofing significantly in terms of embodied energy.

MJ: Tractile is 8 times more sustainable than concrete and steel

Kg of CO2: Tractile is 4.5 times more sustainable than concrete and steel

Eco-Indicator Points: Tractile is 5 times more sustainable than concrete and steel


Eclipse Roof Tile



With Tractile Eclipse roof tiles a complete roof is created. A Tractile Eclipse roof can be supplied and installed without solar power or solar hot water features


Tractile Interlocking Roof System (TIRS)


The main benefits include:

  • Fast installation – improved Return on Investment for developers
  • Less labour – estimated 90% reduction in man hours
  • Increased insulation properties for hot and cold climates
  • Super strong – won’t break or shatter and able to withstand greater weight


Eclipse Solar Roof Tile

Solar power & pre-heated hot waterSolar-Eclipse


Tractile Solar is the world’s first Roofing Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (RIPV-T) roof tile. It creates both electricity and solar boosted hot water from single unit. The Tractile Eclipse Solar tile interlocks with Tractile Eclipse tiles for a solar roofing combination.


The main benefits include:

  • Increased PV output efficiency compared to conventional PV systems
  • Aesthetic building integrated solution
  • Use of cost effective and lightweight materials
  • Designed for low manufacture and installation cost
  • Decreased installation time and maintenance costs


Recommended for:

  • Heat pump
  • Instantaneous gas or electricity
  • Gas or electrical heated storage tank

Eclipse Thermo Roof Tile

Solar hot water



Tractile’s Eclipse Thermo roof tiles interlock with the Eclipse roof tiles and Eclipse Solar roof tile. The Eclipse Thermo tiles are designed to maximize the solar heated hot water output. Under the right conditions Thermo tiles can generate hot water with a temperature off 55°C to 75°C. With an inlet temperature of 20°C, the estimated average daily volume of 60°C heated water per Eclipse Solar tile is 2 to 5 liters.

Besides the aesthetic gains from the Eclipse Thermo built-in pool heating vs. black pipes, an additional benefit in using Eclipse Thermo for pool heating is that birds and pests can no longer cause damage to the pipes.


Recommended for:

  • Pool heating
  • Support hydraulic in-floor heating
  • Support solar air-conditioning


Solar RIPV-T Technology


Tractile Solar RIPV-T technology integrates with flat profilSolarEclipse2e concrete tile roofs
Composite Roof tile + Solar + HW to merge into new or existing concrete tiled roof

125Watt-peak per sqm

3-4 litre per solar hour per sqm of pre-heated water of 30-40 degrees C


  • 45w Solar Panels
  • Body made of strong, lightweight composite material (SMC). 25yr warranty. Dimensions equivalent to 4 normal concrete tiles.
  • Body has profile to allow perfect fit with Boral concrete roof tiles.
  • Heating water circulates behind the solar panel; generating hot water but also cooling the panel increasing its efficiency by 10-20% and saving 40-80% on hot water.

Battery Storage Options

360 Storage 360Storage Energy-Storage-System Tractile


Tractile provides the ultimate roofing system package, now combining the Tractile Solar roof tile with 360Storage, Energy Storage Systems.



Innovative battery and energy monitoring solution

Optimised consumption of solar generated electricity

Backup power for grid faults

Energy independence

Please contact us for more information.


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